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Crypto and Blockchain

Develop and popularize decentralized and anonymous crypto-based systems for society, politics and economy, and deploy tools for p2p self organization.

Hacker AcademY

We are initiating open academy in Barcelona for young people to learn about technology, engineering, math and science. They will also be centers for disseminating our philosophy which is the guiding force of our work.

Autonomous Networks

Construct infrastructure to enable the population to access free services for education and self organization, as well as for local ISPs to compete in selling internet access. The operation of this network is to be governed under a cooperative contract.

At our physical center in Barcelona we are developing projects to emancipate people from old hierarchies into a new system: one that is decentralised, efficient, and based on crypto-economics.


The academy is the educational branch of our organization and its philosophical core. While cryptocurrency has inspired waves of young, talented programmers into its ranks, it lacks the structures to support their development. The academy offers a place for these people, to nurture them into leaders of a new technological paradigm.

think tank

Consisting of graduates from the Polytech academy, the Polytech think-tank conducts sociological, geopolitical and economic research to identify macro trends across nations and societies: to anticipate and make use of them.


The Polytech incubator offers investment, consulting and strategic partnerships to startups and early-stage companies. Its aim is to support the ambitious and inspired teams, and to provide the necessary guidance to get projects off the ground. Projects supported by the Polytech incubator will also have access to the hacklab’s services.

research lab

Our technical research arm, the research lab explores new technical solutions, working closely with the think-tank to identify key areas to pursue. Concepts tested by the research lab will later be integrated into products.

hack lab

A sub-branch of the research lab, the hacklab provides the link between concepts and products. Fully equipped with fast internet, sys-admin support and hardware, the hack lab is a meeting place where teams come together to realize ideas. The hacklab also offers apprenticeship positions for aspiring programmers.


The Polytech event series brings together key thinkers from the cutting edge of technology, philosophy and politics. Through conferences, lectures and seminars, Polytech seeks to elevate the culture of the cryptocurrency community and develop organized, strategic thinkers.

Polytech.Bcn is a community center that wants to increase personal liberty by building a parallel and independent society.

A parallel society represents a functional and effective solution to existing problems in society, and it can coexist with the current system. Technology can be used to enslave people, but it also is the key to freedom.

Technologies offer new solutions to many complex problems in society. We experiment with these technologies and apply them.

why are we opening

We create an inspiring environment by spreading ideas and tools for an independent and voluntary society. We are part of a paradigm shift toward decentralization, sharing economies, reputation systems, cryptocurrencies, censorship resistance, and both economical and personal freedom restrictions avoidance.

Bitcoin, blockchain, and decentralized technologies are creating a free society based on alternative principles, away from traditional hierarchical and centralized systems (such as fiat money, registries, and licenses).

our space

  • Whole space is 864m2
  • Ground floor 315 m2 + patio ~200m2
  • Basement 350 m2
  • Round shaped doors
  • Large office space
  • Industrial kitchen
  • Inside patio

How can you help?

  • People who like this idea – both active and passive supporters, part or full-time. Anybody who can make a presentation or lecture.
  • Financial support – without it, we cannot finish renovating and furnishing our space to suit the concept.
  • Board members – we need some starter investment, experiences, and guidance. The board members can assist us in creating this unique experiment. We think it leads in the future to a better and more free society. We mindfully assist you in each investment deal with Polytech in Barcelona.
  •  Volunteer as you like!