Polytech Center Barcelona



The Polytech incubator offers investment, consulting and strategic partnerships to startups and early-stage companies. Its aim is to support to ambitious and inspired teams, and to provide the necessary guidance to get projects off the ground. 

Like all Concepts in Polytech, it accepts payments only in cryptocurrencies.


We will gladly help you with the presentation or promotion of your individual project.


As well as providing facilities to work in, we also offer a lot of opportunities for further education.


Your knowledge is not the only thing that you will be able to develop at the Incubator. Access the best advice from the many experts we have on a wide variety of topics.

hacklab services

Projects supported by the Polytech incubator will have access to the hacklab’s services. Fully equipped with fast internet, sys-admin support and hardware, the hack lab is a meeting place where teams come together to realize ideas.


You will work alongside with crypto professionals from all around the world.


If you need to refuel amongst working up a storm, then treat yourself to a snack and a selection of coffee directly from the café, where, as a member of the Hub, you will only be paying mates rates.